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Would You Eat Synthetic, Lab-Grown Meat?

Would you eat meat grown in a lab from animal cells? Hmmm. A company called Memphis Meats is hoping you will. I saw a video on “clean meat” circulating around social media again and decided to look into it. They’re basically creating petri dish cultured animal flesh to cut out the middle “man” – the animal. No pun intended. Imagine a world, or at least North America, where animals no longer had to be bred and slaughtered for their meat supply, yet they still supplied our meat.

Memphis Meats removes cells from an animal, such as a cow or chicken, are given the proper nutrients and begin to form the animals flesh. This flesh is then prepped and packaged for consumption.


Typically we eat animal meats for their protein which they create from plant consumption. It’s the plants they eat that are important to our health. But if this process (the actual animal) is cut out of the big equation then how much protein are we actually getting from the lab created meat? Hopefully, during the cell feeding process those plant proteins are fed to the cells as a part of the nutrients they describe. As is, this new clean meat lacks any fat so taste may be compromised. However, the company seems optimistic about eventually including healthy fats within some of their meat options. Speaking of options, I was curious to know whether Memphis Meats was publicly traded because I can see this becoming a huge market so hey, why not invest in it? What I found is that they’ve been heavily funded so far by agricultural company Cargill, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and many more. This company is on to something and looking to provide their meats at competitive supermarket prices.

On another note it reminds me of Star Trek’s replicated food! I’d so eat this stuff. At least try it. Would you?

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