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Why Would God Command Us to Magnify Him?

There are some things about God and what He asks us to do that don’t really make much sense to us when we think about it. One thing that I believe stands out for many of us are the commands that God has given for us to magnify Him.

I grew up in a Christian household and became a Christian at a very young age, but back then if you were to ask me why we’re commanded to do this, I would’ve struggled to give an answer. Recently I was thinking about this and it moved me to share my thoughts in a video.

Before you get to the video, though, let me share what it means to magnify. To magnify someone means to enlarge their greatness. The way you do this is to speak about all their qualities and the things that they’ve done. Now you can see why it’s hard to grasp God wanting us to do this for Him. Doesn’t He hate pride and arrogance?

I encourage you to watch the video below and would love to hear your thoughts about this! Please leave a comment below, or even on YouTube, so that we can chat about this. Blessings!

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