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Why There Is No Place for Fear in This Election

Tomorrow is election day here in the United States. Over the past few months I have heard many Christians say they won’t go out to vote because of the choices that are being presented. I have also heard from Trump and Clinton supporters who are a part of the faith. I’ve heard from men and women of God who have said that God has spoken to them about supporting either of the two candidates. I won’t speak on that. I will just park it right there.

What I would like for everyone who reads this post to do is go out and vote. After you vote, understand that the outcome will be good! How is that possible? I can’t find in the scriptures where God has stopped being faithful to His people; therefore, whether Trump or Clinton wins, we the believers will be fine.

Think of all the instances in the Bible where the people of God have come under attack from governmental forces. What was the result? How did Moses and the children of Israel fare against Pharaoh’s army? How did David fare against Goliath? How about the people of God during the plagues in Egypt, particularly the plague of darkness? How did the three Hebrew boys fare in the midst of the furnace? I could go on and on with examples of political pressure and the believer. How did each of those instances turn out for those who trusted the Lord? That is the heritage of the children of God. Despite who gets elected tomorrow, your DNA says that you will be alright. Our hope is not based on the Clinton family or the aspiration to “Make America great again.” It is, or at least it should be stationed on our trust in the Lord.

Don’t deprive yourself of the freedoms that many in this world don’t have. That freedom is to voice your opinion of who should represent this country to the rest of the world and who should represent your local community of state to the leaders of this country. Maybe these occurrences will encourage the political person inside of you to vote tomorrow and be more involved in your community to be the change that you have prayed for.

The bottom line here is to go vote. Your vote does count. The outcome, no matter what it is, will be good, for the Lord uses all things to work together for the good of those that love Him!

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