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Why Marrying a Man with Money Isn’t Enough

In my viral video, “Why I Didn’t Marry For Love” I ruffled quite a few feathers with my stance on the purpose of marriage (watch it here if you haven’t already).

In that particular video I said with extreme conviction that, “marriage is not a vehicle for love as much as it is for building.” Meaning, love alone is not a solid foundation for building a marriage. And for some reason, many missed the overall point and took it to mean that I was saying they should marry a man for his money and resources.

TI constantly disrespects and embarrasses his wife Tiny publicly with his multiple side-chicks and his lack of remorse for those infidelities.

R. Kelly raped underaged women and employs narcissistic and dangerous control tactics over women who are actually old enough to consent. Diddy has six kids with three women, and still claims to not be ready for marriage. Fabulous knocked out the two front teeth of the mother of his children.

My point? All of these men have money and resources, yet all of them displayed disturbing, disgusting or destructive characteristics that made them horrible partners for the women they were involved with.

There is a distinct difference between a man with money and a man you can actually build with in marriage. And if your goal is to build families, communities, wealth, security, legacy, nations, etc., don’t think all you will need to do is to link up with a man with a six or seven-figure income. It doesn’t work like that, sis. The man you want to build with needs the type of traits, skills and character that money just can’t buy.

Please watch my video below where I not only take the time to  address being called a “gold digger” but also share the stark differences between a man with only money and a man who is a true builder.



So now that you’ve watched the video, what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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