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Why I Didn’t Marry for Love



I have a confession y’all…and this confession is going to rock some of y’all’s minds and roll some heads. Ready for it? Of course you are! In fact, your teacup is probably already out by now!

So here goes — I didn’t marry my husband because I love him.



I know…I know…that sounds cold, weird as heck and totally bizarre in today’s culture where it’s almost considered mandatory to marry someone because they are the love of your life and they make you feel so many butterflies that you can’t see yourself living without them.

BUT!!! Before you get your yoga pants in a bunch, I absolutely most definitely positively DO love my husband! I just didn’t marry him because I love him.

“So what the heck are you saying, Torah?! If you didn’t marry him for love, what reason did you marry him for?”

I’m so glad you asked, Love (pun very intended)!

Watch my video above to find out!

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