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Why Dating Isn’t About Marriage

You need to take dating seriously, just not in the way you may think.

Hey gorgeous! You know you want marriage for yourself, and soon. You’ve even taken my advice and made a list of the qualities you want in your future husband. Now it’s time to actually get out there, explore all of your options, but nobody is fitting the bill. Or at least, they’re not checking off every box on your future husband resume, so that must mean they’re not worth your time. Wrong.

We’ve got to clear this up, Sis! You aren’t measuring men against your list of husband qualities until you’re considering exclusivity with them. Prior to that, your standards for dating should include quality men in general. Meaning, if a man asks you out on a date, Sis, (more than likely) you should be saying yes. Dating toward marriage doesn’t mean every date you go on will lead to marriage, so you don’t have to narrow down your pool of options early in the game.

Doesn’t that make the idea of dating less intense and stressful? I hope so! Dating is about having fun. You’re taking your marriage goals seriously? Awesome! I love when women can freely admit their desires and go after them. However, in order to get to marriage, you have to take your dating life seriously and commit to getting to know yourself and the men in your company before you seek a romantic commitment (such as marriage) from them.

For more of my thoughts on why dating isn’t about marriage, watch my video below.

Thank you for reading! I’m always inspired by my followers and what you share with me. Let me know, have you been undervaluing your dating life? You can share your stories here in the comments below.

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