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Who’s Your Master? Money or God?

As believers, we should have a clear difference on how we view money than non-believers.  I write this article as much to myself as to you.  We should search our motives when it comes to money.  We should challenge ourselves to not conform to societies trends by transforming those trends in our daily lives.

I’m convinced that we need to be intentional about having distinguishing characteristics when it comes to money.

Here are six distinguishing characteristics:


  1. God is the master, money is a servant. Remember to keep it that way! Seek to be guided by and obedient to the Word of God. The Bible is full of guidance, teachings, and warnings about money. We should submit to His guidelines. Remember money is a great servant and a terrible master.


  1. Wealth is something we are entrusted with. Our motivation for interacting with finances in every way should be to honor God.  Our motivation and desire should be to use the resources that God has given us for His glory.  Simply put – we should be good stewards of our money.


  1. Our use and management of money differs. Christians should be doing something differently with money called ‘giving.’ Since we should give to God first, our budgets should have different line items, like tithes and offerings. With these generous actions, our spending should become less and less self-centered and seek more to bless others. This can influence other lifestyle choices we make so the use of money is not only self-serving.


  1. Our worth is not defined by what we own, but by our Owner. Because of this, hopefully our mindset differs. I believe it’s okay to have goals to increase your net worth but be sure not to define your worth by it.  Don’t let skewed views of money, accumulation, or the lack thereof, grip its hooks deeply into you. As Christians, we should seek to free ourselves of that pursuit, that hunt, to gain solely for status or a place in society.  Don’t think for a second that your significance and worth comes from what you have or what you own.   Your identity and worth is found in Christ.


  1. Our goals with money differ. Our dealings and interactions with money are conducted with an understanding that there is an eternity beyond this life. Wealth can be a blessing of tremendous value, but the wise Christian knows the ultimate limits of money.


  1. We should have limits of what we will or will not do for money. Our means of getting money will differ because boundaries must be in place to ensure one does not compromise their values just to gain a little more. Those boundaries are essential in protecting virtues like honesty and integrity. These characteristics are of enormous value and should never, ever be sold for financial advantage.


I hope these few thoughts will help you differentiate and change your views to God’s more and more each day.



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