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What Is a Topical Bible Study, and How Do You Do It?

As Christians, we are blessed with the opportunity to study the Bible, also known as the word of God! There are many ways that we can do Bible study and a few years back, I shared the Bible Project as a really helpful way to get into the Scriptures more.

I’d like to share another way of studying Scripture. Topical bible study is a great way to study the Bible because it gives you a great launchpad into more in-depth studies on a particular subject. As the name implies, you start by picking a topic that you’d like to do a deeper dive into. Let me give an example.

Say you’ve been surrounded by all the conversations surrounding Kanye, faith, and more right? Well, maybe you’d like to do a deeper study on fruit, because that’s the word that’s constantly being tossed around, and you want to refresh and deepen your understanding of what it means to bear fruit as a Christian. So you would search through your Bible if they have topics listed alphabetically, or you’d go online to a website like and search the word fruit. This simple search will bring up every verse and topic associated with that word.

I saw this video by Allen Parr of “The Beat” on YouTube about this kind of study, and found it to be really helpful for me! What are some of the ways you see yourself using this kind of study in your life? Check it out below, and share with us your thoughts in the comment section!

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