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What does it Mean to be Rooted and Grounded in the Love of Christ?

Some time has passed since I’ve published content on GrowtheHeckUp and in the time that I’ve been away, I’ve intentionally spent more time with the Father. In this summer season, a season that is marked by a lot of activities, I’ve experienced a time of devotion, introspection, study, recalibration, and more.

God led me to do this because He wanted me to remember the preeminence of Christ, meaning Christ is number one and comes before everything else. I’m passionate about others experiencing intimacy with God, yet He desired to increase my intimacy and devotion to Him.

There are needs that God has called us to address as His children in the world, from the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ, to the people of humanity. This calling requires us to serve and love in ways we’re unwilling to or haven’t thought of doing. This is the responsibility that He is strengthening my awareness of.

What I’m learning is how our love displayed towards others occurs as a result of the love that we pour out to God first. Also, that same love that Christ says we abide in as God’s children is revealed by our obedience to His commands. The very same commands that I need to take more seriously.

There are certain things that we experience with God’s love that’ll only be revealed when we intentionally submit to His commands:

  1. Bless those who curse you
  2. Pray for those who persecute you
  3. Forgive 70 times 7 times
  4. Go into all the world and make disciples
  5. Love your enemies
  6. Be perfect in love as your Father in Heaven
  7. Let your good be done in secret, the Father alone will reward you openly
  8. Pray for more laborers

How many of us can say that we have intentionally set our hearts on Christ’s commands such as these? I want and need to be more intentional, more than I realized, with what Jesus commanded us to do and it hit me as I read a devotional on this.

August 16th made five years of my platform Thoughts Of Redemption! I’ve been given a theme for the 5th year, titled “Rooted and Grounded.” I believe that God wants us to be rooted and grounded, not just in the defense of our faith or knowing what we believe, but rooted and grounded in the love of Christ.

It is with the deep root of Christ’s love that we will truly mature and grow as the Father intends. Try this exercise that I did—read and write out the commands of Christ and examine where you stand in obeying those commands.

You can be assured that God will transform you to be like Christ in obedience to His commands because that’s His heart’s desire. Let us all plant ourselves purposefully in the love of God so that we are rooted and grounded in Christ!

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Lamar Gibbs is a writer and content creator from Queens, New York. He’s been published on multiple platforms (Jam The Hype, Wade-O Radio, Culture & God, etc.) He's currently building on a vision God placed on his heart called Thoughts Of Redemption—a blog with the purpose of celebrating the process of thought and God's hand in it—"Change your thinking because He changed your life".

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