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What Can a Modest Woman Wear to the Beach?

Because I promote modest dress codes for women of standard, I often get the question,”Well, what do you suggest we wear to swim TorahCents??? A sweater and some JEANS????” If the only modest attire you can think of to wear to the beach is a sweater and some jeans, you don’t deserve to go to the beach. Just sayin’.

Here is an example of what I wear to swim—a swim dress made of lycra. It looks nice and it doesn’t put on display the most intimate parts of my body (for hubby’s eyes only‬):

blk dress torah

Not only can I go into the water and swim, but it quickly dries and I can wear it as a regular beach cover up! This is definitely NOT me saying “You should wear what I wear!” this is me saying “You have options in this hypersexual society.” Pictured below is another option for women who don’t like the color of my black swim dress I posted:

fam swim torah

I have heard women express their concerns that they would burn up in all black (even though I clearly am not). One young lady even said I looked like I was going to the beach after a funeral! Not only is this dress brighter with more color, but the sleeves are shorter.

Also, I would like to point out my son’s swim attire. Even though this is for the benefit and growth of women specifically, I am sure a few women are already wondering, “Well what about the men? Aren’t they expected to uphold themselves to modest standards?”

Well, in our household they are. My husband does not swim bare-chested and as you can see, my son doesn’t either. There are no misogynistic double standards in this household. Just to clarify, I am simply sharing a swimsuit that I found comfortable to swim in, to enjoy the sun, and to lounge around the pool and beach without it showing off all my ASSets. There are plenty of other options that will do the same.

I also don’t believe in setting strict rules and guidelines such as how long the skirt or sleeves should be and telling other women they should abide by those guidelines because modesty is a matter of the heart, not appearance.

What I do believe is that modesty is not relative to your situation or location. If your standard of modesty is a bikini on a beach, COOL! Then you should feel just as comfortable and appropriate with that on if you had to run into a grocery store or to church for service.

If you don’t, please believe that outfit is not your standard of modesty. It’s something that you have convinced your heart to believe is ok based upon what society promotes. It’s illogical to believe that a bikini or one piece is ok at a public beach, but rocking a bra and panties or a leotard is immodest everywhere else. It’s the same thing—the same level of coverage, just made of different material.

Below I have provided a few dresses that are examples of what I wear on a regular basis. They are shorter and more form-fitting than my swim dress and with little to no sleeve.



Some who loved my swim dress may believe these dresses are immodest, but they all are my standard of modesty and I am not convicted otherwise. I am comfortable in my home, at work, in a religious building, in my grandmas presence, and in God’s presence in every dress.

Although modesty is a matter of the heart and not appearance, our heart does manifest itself in the attire that we choose to wear in the societies that we abide in. Modesty is a mindset.

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