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Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Fredrick Douglass once said, “Who you give your money to is who you give your power to.” That being said, let’s explore some ways we all can support black business.

Don’t expect a discount

When a new phone or pair of sneakers comes out, we don’t question the price. We don’t demand or expect a discount. Why? Because we believe it’s worth the price. Don’t look for a hookup because the owner is black. Black business owners work hard just like anyone else and should be respected.

Share information with family and friends

Recommend or promote a black-owned business when given the chance. If a friend is having an event that needs catering, recommend a black-owned business you’ve used. There’s power in word of mouth.  Once you identify a black-owned business in your community that does good work, encourage others to support them too. Share the brand on social media and the good experience you had.

Don’t be put off by a bad experience

Anyone can go to a place and have a bad experience. Speak with the management to see if your issue can be resolved. But don’t make a broad statement like – “that’s why I don’t support black businesses”.  Don’t let one experience define your attitude toward all black businesses.

Ditch the inferiority complex

Understand that because a product or service is black-owned it doesn’t automatically mean it’s of lower quality. It may be better.  When it comes to hair products and cosmetics, this can be true. The same can be true for other services, if you give it a try. Though stereotypes exist, we must appreciate good black products. Just because society says black is inferior, we don’t have to believe our own products and services are.

All things considered, you can spend your money wherever you choose. You don’t have to use a company just because its black-owned. However, it shouldn’t be the reason you don’t.

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