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Watch Van Jones Discuss Why We Need to Unify Regardless of Political Parties

Van Jones is Dope! And that’s not even because he gave me a shout-out a couple of years ago on USAToday.com for my work in the startup community and teaching kids how to code (non-humble brag). This was a great interview. I particularly love Van Jones’ solution-based approach to discussing some of the issues our country is facing.

In his new book, Beyond The Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together”, Jones takes a balanced approach to how everyone from both sides of the aisle, and all walks of life can have a hand in making our country better. The book quotes both Bernie Sanders and Mike Huckabee. I just added it to my Amazon

Van Jones is a former special adviser to the Obama White House and is a political contributor on CNN. He earned acclaim for his commentary during the election season, which managed to be impassioned, personal and fair. He’s a longtime activist in progressive causes who grew up in the conservative South.





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