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Watch President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address LIVE

In the wake of the recent government shutdown, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump to reschedule his annual address to Congress. Now that government has reopened, at least for now, Nancy Pelosi has re-invited the president to deliver the State of the Union address. You can watch it live on Tuesday, February 5th at 9 PM Eastern Time / 6 PM Pacific.

This should be interesting. President Trump won’t be alone. President Trump will be accompanied by a few special guests, including Matthew Charles, the first prisoner released as a result of the First Step Act. 

Alice Johnson will also be present. President Trump granted Alice Johnson clemency on June 6, 2018. Alice had been serving a mandatory life sentence without parole for charges associated with a nonviolent drug case.

According to the White House, “This year’s guests come from all different walks of life, and each has an incredible story to tell. No matter their background, each one has something important in common: They represent the very best of America.”

Meet the special people who will join the First Lady and President Trump here. 

Set an alarm for this year’s State of the Union address because I think it’s going to be a good one. You can watch it right here LIVE on GrowTheHeckUp at the video below.

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