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Was Hillary Pandering to Black People with Breakfast Club Interview?

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest on The Breakfast Club.  She labeled Donald Trump dangerous and called him the “Donkey of the Decade”.  She said Bernie Sanders is “over-promising” and doesn’t know how to accomplish what he’s saying he can.  She also voiced her deep pro-choice conviction as a woman’s right, said she knows how to create more jobs, and fix Obamacare so that it will help everyone.

13055582_10153661237428507_239242183994640542_nHowever, the biggest takeaway so far is the backlash she is receiving online for “pandering” to African-Americans in hopes of earning their votes.  Some see her appearance on the show as exactly that, but certainly one point in particular that is agitating viewers is when she stated that she keeps a bottle of hot sauce in her purse.  After that comment Charlamagne tells her people will see that as pandering to black people.  Her response, “Is it working?”

I’m not black so far be it from me to sit here and tell you if she’s trying to deceive you if you are.  Let me know in the comments what you think.  Once Facebook user, Ameen Hudson had this to say:

“Get her out of here!! Sorry, not sorry. Hillary went to the Stellar awards and sung a gospel song, presented at ‪#‎BlackGirlsRock‬, played dominoes with the Boricuas down in east Harlem and now she’s on the Breakfast Club saying she always keeps hot sauce in her bag?! What is she gon’ do next? Be in a Future video?! I know pimpin’ when I see it.”

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