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Video: God Desires Integrity, Even When It’s Hard

Integrity is one of those things that’s greatly appreciated by many, yet followed by few. It’s almost like being abstinent or a virgin—it’s admirable by others if you’re doing it, but it would be crazy if they had to do it! For me personally, I’ve grown to really appreciate the value of integrity, and it is one of those qualities that I strongly advocate for. But it goes deeper than just being honest so that good things happen to you.

As Christians it is important for us to strive for integrity, even in ways that might make us look weird to others or cause us to “lose out” on things that we’d get if we weren’t as honest. We strive for it, not only for the blessing from God to those who walk in integrity, but because it reflects Him. Watch the video below, let us know your experiences with integrity and what your thoughts are about it in the comments!

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