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This Is the Year You Stop Stealing from Yourself!

Happy new year everyone! This is the first month of the year—blink and summer will be here, blink a second time and we will be carving turkeys or putting up Christmas trees again! You get what I mean? Time is flying by. Let’s stop planning for things and begin to execute them now!

Let’s jump on these things this week to help our financial situations:

Employer matching
If you employer offers a retirement plan that matches some or all of your contributions to the plan, enroll ASAP! I always talk about being prepared for retirement, but when the employer is willing to match some or all of your contribution, make sure you enroll immediately. Your employer’s funds coming alongside your contribution is huge these days. Don’t miss out on the free money.

Are you someone who looks at their account at the end of the week or month and asks, “Where did my money go?” If so, start tracking all of your expenses this month to see where your money is going.

Everything? Yes everything. More than likely it is the small amounts that are being spent in different places that make it seem like you don’t have any money left. Track everything from the money you spend at work or school in the vending machine, to the cup of coffee, to your haircut. You worked for this money, it is only right to find out where it is going.

If you know you are going out, establish a budget beforehand. Before you go to the restaurant, movie, show, etc. do research to find out what you will spend money on. We have to redirect the rain, it needs to rain in our bank account before we can make it rain anywhere else.

If you want to stop stealing from yourself, you will handle these three things, then begin to save and invest. When we overspend while having a good time, we steal from ourselves and our future. When we spend money recklessly, not knowing where it is going we do the same thing. And when we don’t prepare for retirement and our future, we are stealing from ourselves. We won’t be able to blame the system, a people group or anything else. These are only three areas, what other ways can you think of where you maybe stealing from yourself?

Lastly this is the year you pull the trigger on some of those income-producing ideas you have.  Have an awesome year, go and execute all that God has given you to do.

Remember 2 Peter 1:3: “By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence.”

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About Frederick Towles

Frederick Towles is an entrepreneur, author and professional coach on personal finance, recognizing, seizing and leveraging opportunities of all kinds. Frederick founded The Towles Group Inc. to address issues that relate to small businesses and individuals – accounting, taxation, asset protection, financial compliance, wealth creation, debt management and business management. He also founded Unlimited Expectations Inc. which provides tools for individuals to assist them in the areas of opportunity recognition, leadership and personal finance. Through the tools and services offered by these companies people are positioned to operate their lives and their businesses at optimal capacity.

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