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Theological Truth Is Not Dependent on Your Ability to Comprehend It

Theology is the study of God, and throughout the centuries, the Church has wrestled through intense theological issues. From the incarnation to the trinity, there’s always been the wrestling and confirmation of the truths written in Scripture, which can sometimes be taken for granted.

There are times when I’ve taken these doctrines for granted until someone has a question about them and then I remember how incredible they are. For example; we’ve all had the experience as children, or even adults, where we try to imagine how God is eternal. It makes your head hurt! It’s never going to be something that we are able to comprehend, yet we still know it’s true because God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures and in the earth.

But there are some who have a problem with this. Unbelievers will say, “Who created God?! You can’t have an uncreated eternal being. That doesn’t make any sense because everything has a beginning!” The irony is that if this material world is all that there is, then the eternity issue merely shifts from God to the Universe. Those who have trouble making sense of God’s existence claim the existence of multiverses, but cannot explain how everything came into existence in the first place. This theory simply pushes the origin of everything further back.

Eternality isn’t the only theological claim that causes people to claim God doesn’t make any sense. The incarnation and the trinity are also questioned because we can’t comprehend God’s nature being triune, or that Jesus would put on flesh and come through the womb. Yet they are both revealed in the scriptures, and aren’t illogical. They’re just above our level of comprehension, and those terms are used for clarity, even if they’re not in the Bible.

To give a slightly imperfect example, most of us have no idea what the mathematical equations for rocket science mean, or why we use imaginary numbers, yet they affect our way of living and doing, since imaginary numbers are used in the formation of circuits that power your phone, and rocket science is used for rockets (of course).

Remember, there’s a difference between something that’s illogical versus something that is beyond our level comprehension. There’s nothing illogical about God being eternal, triune, or coming in human flesh. They’re all difficult to comprehend, while impacting our lives at the same time.

When we study and struggle through these theological truths, remember the heart behind what’s described. God revealed Himself to us when He could’ve remained hidden, and took the risk of being misunderstood in order to do it. His love moved Him to create us and then redeem us when we went astray. Take that to heart when you deal with theology that’s difficult for you, and trust that God wants you to know about Him and know Him intimately and deeply. May it deepen your worship and life with God.

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