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The Spiritual Erosion of America

There once was a man who purchased a beautiful home with the beach and the sea as his backyard. Every so often, he would take a stroll out of the back door of his home onto the sandy beach and out to the water. One day, after owning the home for several years and making his trip to the beach out to the water, the gentlemen noticed his walk was shorter.

The gentlemen wondered if he was simply walking faster or did something actually change? This inquiry led to him seeking the wisdom of a professional. The professional advised the homeowner that his walk was indeed getting shorter out to the beach and then to the water, but not because he was walking faster. The professional continued to explain that over time the water crashing onto the beach back and forth had caused the beach to erode.

Erosion is described as the gradual destruction or diminution of something. Over time, the water, as innocent as it is, gradually takes away or destroys the beach. Erosion occurs over time, but often goes unnoticed until something drastic happens.

If we look closely, we see erosion in many areas of life. Let’s take a look at Christianity in America. Over the years, the conviction of the church seems to have eroded. There are fewer Bible reading and believing Christians in America now than thirty years ago. We see fewer miracles in our communities than we did thirty years ago. Has your spiritual strength eroded over time? If so, it is time to renew your strength.

The erosion of your spiritual strength doesn’t occur over night, but over time. It may start with your prayer life waning down to the brief, “Lord cover me!” It may start with you reading and studying the Bible a little less this week than you did last week and continuing that process over time. Maybe it starts with dwindling church attendance.

The erosion of your spiritual strength, your convictions, and belief system are the elements of being backslidden. I know we don’t like to think that way. We have been conditioned to think that backsliders stop going to church but there are many who attend worship services who are backslidden. Their hearts for God are in the erosion process. This goes seemingly unnoticed by the individual and others, but not by God. How has your heart for God eroded?

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