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The Role Scripture Plays in Helping Shape Who We Are

One of the hallmarks of a brand new relationship with God is the appetite that His children have for reading and studying the Bible. It’s that desire to know more about the new life we received that drives us to learn all we can through any means necessary.

The longer you maintain your relationship with the Lord, the more you’ll experience seasons in your life where you don’t feel that vibrant need to study as you used to because it may feel familiar to you. You may get involved in ministry, start a family, or even move into a different socioeconomic bracket where different things take your attention away from the word.

You may find yourself subtly diminishing the value, importance, and authority of the Scriptures in your heart. There can be a number of seen and unseen motivating factors that’ll cause you to develop a different posture towards the word of God than you used to have.

I write this piece to serve as an encouragement for you to remain diligent in how you think and approach the Scriptures. The enemy and your flesh are invested in you decreasing the value of the Bible in your life. You can look at your life and be tempted to think that the Bible is as impractical as some people say it is, but when you remind yourself of the purpose of the Scriptures, you can remain focused on what’s truly important.

A few reasons for why we have the Scriptures:

  • It is God’s self-disclosure of who He is, His heart, plans, and purposes.
  • The Scriptures ensure that we are equipped for every good work.
  • It gives us the ability to discern between truth and error.
  • It sheds light on God’s way of thinking that we’re not inclined to.
  • It is a remembrance of the historical pattern of God’s interaction with us.
  • It makes wise those who abide in it.

These are just a few things that the Bible does in your life, and no matter how much Bible you’ve read or how long you’ve been a Christian, God will still give you new revelations.

Let us set our heart to delight in the Scriptures, knowing that it’s the source of our faith and rule of conduct.

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Lamar Gibbs is a writer and content creator from Queens, New York. He’s been published on multiple platforms (Jam The Hype, Wade-O Radio, Culture & God, etc.) He's currently building on a vision God placed on his heart called Thoughts Of Redemption—a blog with the purpose of celebrating the process of thought and God's hand in it—"Change your thinking because He changed your life".

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