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The Practice of Giving Thanks will Transform Your Prayer Life

Prayer is so important for us as believers, and it’s one of the most powerful experiences we have when talking to God. It can be mysterious to us as well if we admit it, because of the many ways we engage God in prayer.

I’ve written about prayer  before, but recently I went live on Facebook to speak about one particular way that our prayer lives are transformed and it’s through giving thanks. No, not the thanks that happens when we pray over our meals, but a lifestyle of gratitude for the work God is doing.

When we cultivate a life of gratitude we’re able to change our perspective, which then impacts how we approach the Father. It’s very easy for us to worry about things in our lives which can lead us to pray from a place of fear. Being thankful reminds us of the faithfulness of God, and it influences our approach to Him with our requests.

So check out the video below, I hope it encourages you in your time of prayer with the Father!

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