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The List Every Dating Woman Should Make

You’re going to need a few lists, Sis, but a successful dating life starts with this one. Grab some paper and get ready to list out your wants and needs in a man. Yes, Sis, you’re really going to put words to these abstract ideals you have about your future husband.

Why? Because now, you think you know what you want in your future husband the same way you think you know what you’re going to buy in the grocery store later today. You’re running low on eggs, you need more dinner meals so you’re going to pick a few things up for that; you don’t have anymore bread, and you’re not sure how much is left in the spaghetti box in the pantry but it’s not enough to make another meal for your family. If you were to go in the store now, you’d pick out a few of the things you needed, but add in some you don’t, and forget a few others until it’s time you need them.

Grocery Shopping 101, Sis: Make A List!

Now, this analogy could go on and on, and I mean until we’re talking about comparing prices at different shopping malls like we’re comparing quality men in our rotation, but now I need you to focus on knowing exactly what you want (and why you need it) in a man.

You’re going husband shopping, Sis. List out the character traits you desire him to have so that you’re better able to recognize what suits your needs and fits your “budget”, or doesn’t.

For more of my thoughts on how to elaborate on your standards, watch my video below.


Thanks for reading, love! Hit me up with your thoughts on this. What’s your list looking like? You can let me know in the comments below.

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