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The Last Guy Who Used Water as Fuel Died Mysteriously

There is an interesting video floating around social media of a Brazilian man who was fed up with high gas prices and invented a motorbike that will travel 300 miles on one liter of water.  This seems like an invention with staggering implications right?  Water as fuel??  I’m not scientifically intelligent enough to understand the technology so I’ll excuse myself now from trying to tell you whether it works.  When you watch the video of the guy’s motorcycle, it certainly seems to do what it claims.

Stan MeyerBut this is not the first time the idea has surfaced.  On March 20th, 1998, Stan Meyer stumbled out of a Cracker Barrel in Ohio uttering his last words “They poisoned me”.  He was supposedly there meeting two Belgian investors interested in the “water fuel cell” technology he had developed and built into a dune buggy as an actual prototype.

Meyer perhaps pushed this technology further than anyone, having even negotiated dealerships that would put it on their sales lots. Conspiracy theorists conclude that big oil companies, or even our own government put the brakes on Meyer’s brief success.  Both his death, and an Ohio court ruling finding his design to be fraudulent, are considered nothing more than efforts to discredit what he was developing in order to protect the wallets of some powerful people.Stan Meyer newspaper

Frankly, this is one of those cases where it sucks to be a conspiracy theorist.  It’s worth noting that Meyer was a professing Christian, even putting “Jesus Christ is Lord” down the fender of his water-car prototype.  Of course, it is quite possible Meyer might have been a fraud.  We’ve seen a lot of people throughout history trying to get rich with “new” technology that wasn’t what they said it was.    StanleyMeyersDuneBuggy

At the same time, the US government has stifled, hidden, or even confiscated approximately 5,000 patents.  Ask yourself exactly what could be hiding in that stack of inventive ideas.

Check out the motorcycle and let me know if you think it actually works.  Do you believe our government would kill someone to stop technology like this?


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