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The Force of Gravity is Bringing Light to Areas Without Electricity

gravitylight-lady-hangingI’m always fascinated by the simple brilliance of developing technology that utilizes attributes of God’s creation to address a very real problem. As of 2015 approximately 1.1 billion people are living without access to electricity. In order for these people to have light, they have turned to kerosene lamps which emit harmful cancer-causing fumes, and beyond that, the unintentional ingestion of kerosene is the leading cause of child poisoning in the developing world.

Could a bag of rocks and the downforce of gravity be the answer? GravityLight, the 2015 winner of Shell’s Springboard programme, is proving it to be so. With only one trip to the ground, the gravity light provides continuous light for twenty minutes. Watch how it works in the brief video below. Find more info at


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