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The Disastrous Effects Broken Families Have on Communities (part 2)

In part one I ended with the statement, “The macro-brokenness in these communities is only indicative of the micro-brokenness inside of the homes that line their streets.” This is a fact that I know from first-hand exposure and experience, not stats or social reports. No matter what your ethnicity is, each of us thrive in an atmosphere of love, empathy and compassion. Unfortunately, just as Sigmund Freud, the so-called father of modern psychoanalysis said, “All humans have deep within them depraved and dark possibilities of their nature which are best kept under lock and key.”

When World War 1 started, he pointed to it as proof of his ideas by showing how the governments of the world unleashed their militaries with the most destructive weapons known in man’s history, and men who had just been living with and supporting their families were now on foreign soil killing one another. Every day they awoke, their mission and focus was to kill, maim and destroy as many humans as possible for the sake of victory.

How does this apply to the topic? Well, war is a condition that creates an “every man for himself, survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog mindset.” The battlefield takes men away from family and normalcy and thrusts them into a mindset of gloom and death. Many in impoverished communities (especially minorities) have been diagnosed with symptoms similar to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, much like those of war soldiers, as a result of their environment.

The infighting and separation of families, as well as the lack of economic, career and social equality opportunities in poor communities helps contribute to the murder, depression and addictions that commonly plague these areas. What are some viable solutions? Part three will explore some possibilities.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the family structure in America is what God intended or has it been compromised by our culture?

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