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Tesla Announces New Semi Truck and Roadster

The innovative folks over at Tesla Motors are at it again. Being one of the first to bring almost fully autonomous driving to the consumer market hasn’t slowed down Elon Musk and his team one bit (missed deadlines and multiple production issues aside). On November 16th, Tesla announced its first fully electric semi truck. The “Tesla Semi” is planned to go into production in 2019. The truck, while carrying a max load of 80,000 pounds, will be able to go from 0 to 60 MPH in 20 seconds. This is a feat that would take one minute for a conventional diesel truck to achieve.  Other standout features include a max range of 500 miles on a single charge, as well as an enhanced autopilot for potentially improved safety.



While these are pretty impressive stats that have huge potential to disrupt multiple industries, it was Tesla’s other announced vehicle that really stole the show. The Next-generation Tesla Roadster is Tesla’s second iteration of their first fully electric supercar.


While unconfirmed, if these numbers turn out to be true, this would easily make the roadster one of the fastest road legal cars when available. The most surprising thing is that at this level of performance, the Tesla Roadster’s $200,000 price tag actually comes in at a relative bargain. Supercars with similar stats can easily cost more than 1 million dollars. Time will tell if this all lives up to the hype but it’s always exciting to see Tesla push the limits of what electric vehicles can do.


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