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Ted Talk by Simon Sinek: Do You Market a Plan or Do You Market Your Belief?

Do you market a plan or do you market your belief? In this classic TED Talk, Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant, speaker and bestselling author, unfolds the wisdom of marketing from the power of belief and not your plans. He provides visuals on how marketing the “what” of a product doesn’t necessarily sell as well as marketing your “why.”

People desire belief in something. It generates purpose which generates sales. Belief sells because it touches and motivates the hearts of people to act, and may fulfill a sense of purpose which connects people to a company’s brand. In the video below, Sinek uses Apple as an example. Generally when we make purchases, there are either practical or emotional purposes behind them. Purpose is what we look for, even subconsciously. Our purpose for life, our roles and why things happen seem to move and inspire us. It even drives us to the store when we feel we need something.

Sinek’s Talk reminded me of how God cares about reaching the hearts of people. Obviously, so do some companies when marketing their products. Although scripture shows how people judge outwardly, we can clearly see how many of us still long for depth even when it means connecting to a business product.

A professor of mine suggested Sinek’s TED Talk to me and I just had to share it with GTHU readers! Although his talk isn’t specifically a Christian message, I hope it can give you more perspective for your vision, branding, business or other ventures.

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