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Teaching Children the Right Path to Success and True Happiness

We seem to focus a lot of attention on achieving success. Some of the ways we seek success is by getting a good job; starting a business, saving up money, buying a nice house and other possessions.

But there is a difference between success and happiness. With that in mind here are some things to keep in mind for children to stay on the right path to success and true happiness:

Failing Does Not Mean You’re a Failure

Very few people are successful right out the gate in an endeavor.  The path to success usually includes a series of failures. So view failing as an important step on the road to success.  The key is to learn from your failures and keep moving forward.

It’s also important to realize that setbacks aren’t permanent.  Don’t believe you’re a failure because a goal did not materialize. Pray, ask God for direction, plan, then get busy on the next endeavor.  Remember, in all you do measure success by God’s standards.

The Road to Disaster Is Paved With Debt

We live in a financial system and culture that encourages debt.  The economy is built on people purchasing things they can’t afford so the difference is made up through loans.

So if you’re getting a mortgage to purchase your home, congratulations. But keep in mind that you’re setting yourself up for a financial disaster if you borrow too much. The same is true if you find yourself borrowing money on credit cards to pay for clothes, restaurant meals, vacations, and gadgets.

Minimizing your debt allows you to keep your financial options open, putting you in a better position to reach some level of financial independence.

People Are More Important Than Things

Materialism is another norm.  Is the person with the most stuff the happiest? People can easily substitute things for a lack of real connection with other people. Things cannot give us what people can!  No man is an island.  By cultivating relationships we can rely on each other and build each other up.  You can’t get those benefits from stuff.  People should always be more important than things.

Make Provisions for the Future and Live Today

Though we should make provision for the future to be in a better position to deal with life’s uncertainties, we need to strike a balance.  If you’re preoccupied with the future, you may be welcoming other dangers.

Don’t be so focused on your own future survival that you’re blinded to the needs of people close by. You can easily miss simple daily pleasures because all you do is prepare for tomorrow.  In fact, you may not live long enough to enjoy your provision. Don’t end up like the rich young fool in Luke 12.

Never be so obsessed with the future that the blessings  and opportunities of today are no longer important.

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