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Take the Red Pill: Watch “Out of Shadows”

Why do you believe what you believe? As humans, we derive what we know to be “fact” most often from our stories, the news we hear, and cumulative history passed down from our most trusted authorities. We accept these things to be true and our reality is formed. But what if the storytellers were deceiving us?   Would we know it?

An excellent documentary was recently produced by investigative journalist Liz Crokin (of Pizzagate fame), along with award-winning Hollywood stuntman Mike Smith, and former CIA agent, Kevin Shipp. “Out of Shadows” lifts the mask on how Mainstream Media and Hollywood, working with U.S. government agencies, manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda through their content. 

The documentary utilizes declassified government documents, historical footage, and firsthand accounts to present a macro-level overview of some of the most chilling cover-ups such as MK-Ultra mind-control, Operation Paperclip, Pizzagate, Hollywood blackmail, and Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island.  The result is a massively effective research product which succinctly reveals the connection between each of these horrors. If you’re on a quest for truth, this documentary will provide some answers. If you’re looking for Red Pill Material, this documentary will become a useful tool.

We encourage you to watch and share publicly and/or privately. Welcome to #TheGreatAwakening. 


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About Jordon Weldon

Jordon Weldon is a corporate event planner, urban gardener, and passionate pursuer of truth. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she now resides in the Carolinas. She is co-host of the #RightHookLeftJaw Podcast where she discusses conservative politics from a Christian perspective.

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