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Be Humble, Sit Down: A Life Lesson From King David

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Many of you reading this article may be Christian and dedicated readers of the Bible. If so, you will be very familiar with one of the most famous individuals written of in scripture—King David. You likely also know that he is one of the few individuals who God said was …

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Trials and Tribulation: How Do They Benefit Us?

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When faced with tribulation, the most unexpected reaction is to be joyful. Most often, we want to avoid misfortune like an illness. The Christian believer is taught that there is another way to look at tribulation as opposed to the secular view. Romans 5:3-4 states: “And not only so, but …

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Faith is Holding an Umbrella While Praying for Rain


I tend to dwell on things. I want to understand them completely. When I became a follower of Christ, I realized I had access to truth that would help me understand things like never before. The concepts of repentance, honor, loyalty, hope, love, truth, humility, and many more were all …

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How to Weather the Storms of Life


I wrote a verse some time ago and would like to share an excerpt from it with you: “Life is like the weather, you don’t know when it’s gone change, its sunny then it rains, there’s love, then there’s pain, so keep you an umbrella for the weather that’s the …

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