Thursday , October 18 2018
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Teaching Your Children How to Rise Above Stereotypes

My husband and I recently enjoyed a breezy outdoor dinner at a local café with our three kids and found ourselves having to teach an unexpected lesson. In what has become our normal everyday fashion, we also found ourselves the single black family in a middle-class white restaurant. No biggie. …

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Dark-Skinned Women in America – One Woman’s Journey

A few weeks ago, one of our writers, Charles Russell shared the following photo with all of us at GTHU which he felt was very offensive, as we all did: This picture had been shared on Facebook by an African woman, making an already demoralizing perception even more disturbing. See, what many people don’t …

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Christian Country Music Singer Coffey Anderson: What To Do When You Get Pulled Over (Video)

In light of the recent killings of black men by police officers, Christian country music singer, Coffey Anderson has made a short video showing us what to do when we get pulled over by the police to diffuse the situation and attempt to keep tensions at a minimum:

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