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How Satan Fools Us into Believing a Life with God Is Boring


The world is a grand buffet arrayed in every way to appease the eyes of its onlookers. The aroma is appetizing and it lures us into its grasp with ease. We go into the world gorging ourselves day after day and scraping the plate of our pleasure, yet we return …

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Are You Truly a Follower of Christ?


As Christians, we all tell the world that we are saved through the atoning work of Jesus the Christ. To the world, they don’t really have a clue as to the depth of that statement, and sometimes when I look at what we call church today, I wonder if any …

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Life Ain’t Gonna Be Easy Just Because You’re Serving God


What has your life path looked like since the day you truly repented? I find that the idea of repentance that is marketed to the world by modern church culture in the Western Hemisphere can sometimes leave a false impression of everything coming together and being okay because you made …

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Do You Know What Your Purpose Is?


Step out a minute from the forest of life and behold the entirety of humanity. Have you ever just sat for a period of time and contemplated what your real purpose is? Real talk. When we look at the other creatures on this planet and watch them move in their existence, …

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Where Does Your Obedience Lie?


In reading the Gospels, Jesus called people to serve a life of discipleship. For many, this life of servanthood required leaving everything at once—even what was near and dear. Consider the subsequent encounter in Mark 2:13-14—”He went out again beside the sea, and all the crowd was coming to him, …

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