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Are You Truly a Follower of Christ?


As Christians, we all tell the world that we are saved through the atoning work of Jesus the Christ. To the world, they don’t really have a clue as to the depth of that statement, and sometimes when I look at what we call church today, I wonder if any …

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Life Ain’t Gonna Be Easy Just Because You’re Serving God


What has your life path looked like since the day you truly repented? I find that the idea of repentance that is marketed to the world by modern church culture in the Western Hemisphere can sometimes leave a false impression of everything coming together and being okay because you made …

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Do You Know What Your Purpose Is?


Step out a minute from the forest of life and behold the entirety of humanity. Have you ever just sat for a period of time and contemplated what your real purpose is? Real talk. When we look at the other creatures on this planet and watch them move in their existence, …

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Where Does Your Obedience Lie?


In reading the Gospels, Jesus called people to serve a life of discipleship. For many, this life of servanthood required leaving everything at once—even what was near and dear. Consider the subsequent encounter in Mark 2:13-14—”He went out again beside the sea, and all the crowd was coming to him, …

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