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The Decline of Religion In America


Over the past few years, we’ve heard a lot of discussion concerning the exodus of millennials from the church, and people overall, with the rise of the so-called “nones” who don’t have any religious affiliation. Studies conducted by poll groups have shown a real decline of church membership and have …

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Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Responds to “Christianity is the White Man’s Religion” Argument


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is on a mission to both explore and defend the faith of Christianity. For evidence, look no further than his last album, the critically acclaimed It’s Complicated which not only found him defending the faith but also featured world-renowned Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias. To take his efforts past …

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Blind Trust: What Does True Faith Look Like?

Closeup of Blind Man Walking With White Cane

The common misconception about faith in God is that it’s something you do blindly, or because somebody told you to do it, therefore it doesn’t apply to everyday life. If it were up to secular society faith would totally disappear as a relic of the past, and society would forever grow …

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Warning Signs You May Be Drifting from God


My God why have you forsaken me! – Matthew 27:46 We often blame God for our misfortunes, but in reality, we are often to blame. That’s right! I am guilty of being a knucklehead as well. It is during these times I feel the most separated from God and foolishly …

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Business Ethics Shaped by the Bible Pt.1


I have some knowledge on how certain business ethics work in this western society, but as a Christian, all of those ethics do not always comply with the spiritual mandate of righteousness from God to His servants. So while I study to understand how to move as smoothly as possible …

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The Church and It’s Responsibility to Impoverished Communities


If you haven’t had a chance to read the Rapzilla op-ed by Oklahoma based christian rapper, Kadence, I suggest you check it out. I can appreciate his expression of thoughts related to the topic of too many young African-Americans being pulled away from ‘the idea’ of Christianity by ‘pro-black, anti-white …

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Oprah Interviews Hillsong NYC’s Pastor Carl Lentz


Pastor Carl Lentz visited Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday program to discuss God, faith, the Bible, the Church, and even the roots of racism. Christians had a lot to say via the interwebs based on snippets and quotes that seem to be grossly taken out of context. I happen to think …

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How Your DNA is Altered Through Your Thoughts & Choices


Did you know that our thoughts take up actual “real estate” in our brains and have the ability to arrange and rearrange our DNA makeup, affecting not only us but our future generations? Both science and scripture confirm this ideology. Crazy thought, right? Albeit somewhat concise, let’s attempt to unpack this deeply …

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Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Explains How to Respond to Muslims


In case you’ve been under a rock, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. recently released his album It’s Complicated, which walks the listener through apologetics 101 by addressing some of Christianity’s most difficult questions. The album was heavily influenced by arguably the most renowned Christian apologist in the world right now, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, who was also …

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