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Interview: Jay-Z and New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet in Conversation


Rapper and mogul Jay-Z sat down with Dean Baquet, Executive Director of the New York Times, for an intimate conversation about rap, therapy, marriage, politics and being a black man in Trump’s America. This is probably Jay-Z’s most introspective, transparent and mature interview yet and he hasn’t done many but …

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A Harvard Student Submitted a Complete Rap Album as His Thesis

Obasi Shaw

When it comes to higher education, few schools in the U.S. have a name that rings bells quite like Harvard. That being said, hip-hop music seems to be what’s ringing bells on their campus as perhaps the only school of their stature having made very intentional efforts to embrace it. Those …

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Go to Work: Two White Dads Murder a Trap Beat (Video)


These guys KILLED this beat. Protige and Eboli are two Dope A** Dudes, or DAD. DAD is a rap group made up of two guys from Sioux City, Iowa who now have a whole new perspective on the way that they live their lives since becoming fathers. The DAD narrative, …

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An Incredible Analysis of How The Greatest Rappers Craft Their Rhymes


Many of you are probably similar to me in that you absolutely love rap music, but may not have the skill to actually become a rapper.  Rhyming to a beat is much more complex than it sounds.  To be able to think about and see the world in poetic metaphors is …

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Chance The Rapper Goes to Church, Declares End of “Old Life”


It’s almost as if the realm of hip-hop has reached it’s peak level of fakery, and is now searching life for what’s real, leading some of its artists to Christ.  Chance The Rapper becomes the latest artist speaking out on social media regarding his faith and even quoting scripture: Today’s …

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DJ Cooley Releases Another Video [Tomorrow Isn’t Promised]

DJ Cooley

A few days ago DJ Cooley released a video sharing his testimony. With a surrendered heart to God, he continues to encourage people to come to Christ… RIGHT NOW! In this video, DJ Cooley shares another thought-provoking testimony and encourages people to truly seek God before it’s too late. This is a …

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Fetty Wap’s Producer DJ Cooley Shares His Testimony


DJ Cooley has worked in the music industry producing music for Fetty Wap and many others. He shares how he would go to clubs, party, do wild things, and then go to church every single week, but never felt any conviction for how he was living—he never felt he was …

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Lil Boosie Asks for Prayer—Recovering from Cancer Surgery


Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz revealed on Instagram he’d been diagnosed with kidney cancer, “I need all my fans to pray for me. Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys prayer is power that’s why I’m letting the world know #prayfaboosie.” 33-year-old Boosie underwent surgery—a nephrectomy, on December 9th …

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