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Resisting the Need for Validation While Doing God’s Will

We’ve all been given gifts, talents, and abilities by God. When you develop your relationship with the Lord, there are also passions that develop towards issues that God has designed for you to address. Once you’re fully invested, you flesh out your ideas, create a vision, and pursue that vision. …

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When God Calls You but Puts You on Pause

Did you know that you could be called now and sent later? Many times we can be anointed now but elevated later. It’s believed that David was anointed by Samuel between the ages of 10-13 around 1025 BC (1 Sam 16). He was made King around 1000 BC (2 Sam …

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God’s Purpose for Your Emotions

There are many aspects to the human experience. One aspect that is easy to overlook is the emotional one. It’s easy to see our emotions as something that is automatically negative, and that we must fight against them as long as we live. While our emotions can negatively influence us …

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Do You Know What Your Purpose Is?

Step out a minute from the forest of life and behold the entirety of humanity. Have you ever just sat for a period of time and contemplated what your real purpose is? Real talk. When we look at the other creatures on this planet and watch them move in their existence, …

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The Key to Being a Strong Woman

I obtained three bachelor degrees, a master degree, and a professional license in accounting all while being a single mother. Does this really make me a strong woman? Nope! As a now married woman, if my husband was to ever leave me or leave this Earth (God forbid), I would …

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