Thursday , December 13 2018
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Is It Wrong to Curse Trump?

In light of all the drama and high emotions, it appears President Donald Trump has caused many people like rapper Eminem to become quite vocal about their negative feelings towards him. From the political arena to elementary schools, we hear people hurling insults and criticisms at Trump without shame or …

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How Should We Really Be Praying for our Rulers?

In our current sociopolitical climate in America there is one debate in church circles that is of great interest and importance, and that is the idea of praying for our political leaders. Should this be up for debate? Yes! I definitely believe that we are told to pray for rulers, …

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“Hillary’s America” Explores Evils of the Democratic Party (Video)

I don’t trust either political party.  My political position doesn’t leave room for much hope for the future of our country, but I have more than sufficient hope residing in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and the Sovereignty of God the Father over all nations.  I will probably vote …

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