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Interview: Jay-Z and New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet in Conversation


Rapper and mogul Jay-Z sat down with Dean Baquet, Executive Director of the New York Times, for an intimate conversation about rap, therapy, marriage, politics and being a black man in Trump’s America. This is probably Jay-Z’s most introspective, transparent and mature interview yet and he hasn’t done many but …

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America is Looking For Health Insurance Shortcuts it Won’t Find


I’m about to write from a perspective that doesn’t talk about you, and doesn’t talk about me, but talks about “we”. You might hate your neighbor, but this country is facing issues that we will have to solve together as Americans, and underneath a million dividing lies, the truth is …

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8 Ways to Get Involved in Local Politics

Low angle view of a signboard, City Hall, California, USA

Regardless of what you believe about politics and politicians, local politicians are often much more beholden to their constituency than national politicians. It seems the higher up the food chain you go, the more the politicians are not only corrupt, but they’re often spoken for and bound to the special …

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Propaganda & Sho Baraka Discuss Our Broken Two-Party System


Yes they are both rappers signed to Humble Beast, but almost everyone who follows either Propaganda or Sho Baraka come to appreciate them for so much more. They share wisdom, they are devoted to truth, and they have unique perspectives that should be heard. In a way, that’s exactly what this …

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Was Trump’s Pitch to African-American Voters On Point?

donald trump

Donald Trump has a long track record of rubbing people the wrong way with his words. He recently made a pitch to win over black voters, “What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty…” Many people found that statement to be offensive and some felt it was condescending to …

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California Police Release Statement Regarding Democratic Convention

Police DNC

The Republican National Convention is over. Despite the serious issues facing our country, the current state of politics and news media have left the focus on Melania’s plagiarism, Ted Cruz being booed off stage, and a bunch of fairly pale looking people holding “Latinos for Trump” signs. If you’re a fan of this type …

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Sho Baraka’s ‘&’ Campaign Challenges Our Civic Duties With the Gospel


Did you grow up with people telling you which political party you should be a member of and think to yourself, “How about I just evaluate the candidates for myself?”  Have you ever thought if Jesus was an American, he wouldn’t be a Republican or Democrat? Make no mistake, He was involved …

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Ice Cube Believes Conscious Rap Was Intentionally Kept off the Airwaves

Ice Cube

This interview by Bloomberg Politics was conducted to mark the occasion of N.W.A. making it into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.  He speaks on how N.W.A. was harshly opposed because they took socially conscious political stances.  In regards to that kind of rap, he says, “It’s not rewarded at all. It’s not rewarded …

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Mike Huckabee Claims Trump Is the Victim of Professional Paid Protestors


Take this with whatever sized grain of salt you would like.  Frankly, I would suggest that with any mainstream media source on Fox News’ level.  Nevertheless, this is an interesting assertion, and something I’ve been hearing about from more than just mainstream sources. One thing is for sure, anywhere Trump …

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