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Rapper Mims Ditches Rap to Become Successful Tech Entrepreneur

2017-10-20 10.40.46

Ten years after Mims’ No. 1 single “This is Why I’m Hot,” the rapper talks to “Complex Live” about his new app, RecordGram, which he hopes will help with new artist discovery. Back in May, TechCrunch held their annual Startup Battlefield competition in New York. 19 companies did their best …

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Nucci Reyo Releases “The Music Factor” Documentary Analyzing Hip-Hop’s Affect on Young People

Nucci Reyo - Music Factor

Poverty and violence are barriers to successful education in youth—we talk to our children about not using drugs, staying away from gangs and violence, and abstaining from sex but have we considered the music factor? Music is the most influential vehicle of learning for this generation; hip-hop, being at the …

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Dope New Female Christian Rapper Drops Video for “Pick Em’ Up” feat. Selah The Corner

2017-06-16 12.03.42

If you’ve never heard of Christian female rapper a.i., then prepare to be impressed. Very few rappers command my attention in the first few seconds of spitting bars. It happens even more infrequently with female rappers (sorry ladies, just speaking my truth). But a.i. instantly became my favorite female rapper …

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Akon’s Billion Dollar Deal To Bring Solar Power To Africa (Video)


The culture of hip-hop is drunk on material possessions and Akon couldn’t do it anymore. Under the conviction of realizing how bad people are struggling in Africa, he gave it all up and started an organization called Akon Lighting Africa, which seeks to eliminate the overwhelming need for access to electricity; …

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Spotify is Reportedly Very Close to Purchasing SoundCloud


The war for streaming music into your ears continues to rage with the real losers ultimately still the artists. The latest bit of news comes in the form of an acquisition with Spotify being in ‘advanced talks’ to purchase SoundCloud. It may come as a surprise, but both companies are not …

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An Incredible Analysis of How The Greatest Rappers Craft Their Rhymes


Many of you are probably similar to me in that you absolutely love rap music, but may not have the skill to actually become a rapper.  Rhyming to a beat is much more complex than it sounds.  To be able to think about and see the world in poetic metaphors is …

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Is Assuming the Motives of Others Killing CHH?

Andy Mineo - Zilla

Yesterday, Rapzilla published an article highlighting some insight Andy Mineo shared on a Columbia University panel discussion of Christians in the world of art.  If you follow Andy, then you probably have an idea what he had to say about the topic.  And if you follow Rapzilla, then you probably …

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Dee-1 to Interview Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson


Dee-1 is headed to Iowa to interview presidential candidate, Ben Carson. Tune in to watch the interview at 8pm EST. If you have a question for Ben Carson, you have the opportunity to upload a 15 second video with your question to your Instagram account which may air on the …

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Da T.R.U.T.H. – Legends in CHH vs Legends in Mainstream Hip-Hop

Da Truth

Christian rapper Da T.R.U.T.H. sparked an interesting discussion on Instagram about the way legends are honored in mainstream hip-hop vs. the way the CHH community honors its legends and forerunners. I would add to that discussion though—as I follow secular hip-hop and culture, I hear the same argument. Many have …

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