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Atheist Child of Lesbian Couple Reveals the Other Side of the LGBT Rainbow


Millie Fontana, raised an atheist, said she stands with Christians because they’ve been the only ones willing to reflect children’s issues like she had growing up, and stand up for them. Fontana, the donor-conceived daughter of a lesbian couple (that includes her biological mother), said they took something from her— …

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Has Disney Programming Gone Too Far?


What is it that we value the most about our children? For many, they would say their innocence. The perception of innocence refers to the simplicity of a child’s lack of knowledge or exposure to the affairs of the world. It is this naïvety of a child that many parents …

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Video: Andy Mineo & Lecrae Rescued a Suicidal Transgender Woman from an NYC Bridge


Updated: Original video that this post was initially about has been added below. Andy Mineo has detailed a pretty wild experience on his Instagram Story which as of post time is still up. I will do my best to retell it and share the point he was trying to make …

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Are too many American Christians Compromising the Word of God?

Gay church

Recently, Kim Burrell faced backlash from the so-called American Christian culture regarding whether she was in the right spirit when someone took only part of a message that she had given at a recent church gathering about homosexuality. What most concerns me is the stance of some who claim to be followers …

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Korn Guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch Receives Backlash After Praying for Transgenders


Recently, Korn’s guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch received backlash from Christians for praying for transgenders after one of his concerts. Brian co-founded Korn, the American nu metal band, in 1993. As of 2012, Korn’s albums had sold around 35 million copies worldwide; they have received two Grammy Awards and two MTV …

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Former CEO of Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich is Back with a New Browser

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.33.00 PM

There’s a new internet browser on the market.  “Whoopty doo. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge are working just fine,” you might think.  I understand that sentiment.  Many already have a favorite they are comfortable with, or the average user might not even understand the differences well enough to care.  But …

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Homosexual Pastor Attempted to Frame Whole Foods With “Cake Slur”

Whole Foods

Sometimes you type out a headline and have to make sure you’re not accidentally writing a satire piece.  So far, the trend has been homosexuals suing Christian bakers for refusing to bake them a cake, but in a bewildering incident of role reversal, a homosexual pastor from Austin, Texas tried to sue Whole Foods …

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Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Equates Being Transgender to Being Anorexic


It’s hard to imagine that the transgender and gender identity movement isn’t anything more than a moral revolution that seeks to defy the created order established by God.  A national debate is raging over the topic, all for a group of people who make up 0.3% of the U.S. population. …

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Humble Beast’s Jackie Hill Perry Explains Leaving Lesbianism for Complementarianism

Jackie Hill Perry

Humble Beast artist and spoken-word poet Jackie Hill Perry tells her powerful testimony as often as possible.  She previously released a spoken word video about her departure from the LGBT lifestyle and she’s also provided perspective on how Christian leaders can help those dealing with same-sex attraction. In this new …

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