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Detroit Locals Build their Own Internet to Help Bridge “Digital Divide”

In 2016, the New York Times reported that 40% of Detroit citizens do not have access to broadband internet. This along with the increased poverty and unemployment in many pockets of the city have proven to cause an already growing disparity to grow at an even faster rate. From students’ studies being limited, to difficulty competing …

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The End of Net Neutrality? What You Need to Know

The issue of net neutrality as an effective policy has been widely debated for some time now. The concept being, in short, that internet service providers (ISPs like Comcast, Verizon etc.) should not be allowed to slow down, speed up or block any legal content accessed by consumers. In other words, all …

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Video: How the Internet of the Future Will Close Us off Even More

The other day I posted an infographic on Instagram that pointed out how apps and social networks are copying each other’s features: Is #socialmedia media #innovation dying? It’s getting harder and harder to tell #Instagram, #Facebook, #Snapchat and #Twitter apart! #business #seo #marketing #growthhacking A post shared by Lavoisier Cornerstone …

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Former CEO of Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich is Back with a New Browser

There’s a new internet browser on the market.  “Whoopty doo. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge are working just fine,” you might think.  I understand that sentiment.  Many already have a favorite they are comfortable with, or the average user might not even understand the differences well enough to care.  But …

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