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Why Hip-hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory


Will Smith (AKA The Fresh Prince) has definitely left his mark on hip-hop, but he seems to be constantly and unjustly overlooked whenever the greats are mentioned. Even after all he’s done for the culture, why does hip-hop hate Will Smith? West Coast Rapper Murs breaks it down! *Warning: one …

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Shai Linne Questions Lecrae on Redefinition of “Unashamed”

Shai Linne 2

Lecrae recently did an interview with mainstream hip-hop outlet HipHopDX.  In it, he addresses the controversial change of their mission statement that caused an uproar within CHH when fans started noticing it on the Reach Records website. In the interview, he states the reasoning behind the change being due to their brand …

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