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How to Improve Yourself to Improve Your Inner Circle

As women of faith, it is essential to build a healthy network of purpose-driven, God-fearing, freedom-living people when we begin to make moves to walk in our worth. Why? Because there are people who will say they have our backs, but they’re actually just holding us back. Hey beautiful! Regarding the …

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How to Focus on Your Purpose

Anything you can do, I can’t do better. Some things? A few things? Maybe. But not anything. While we’re bound to be better, the same or worse than each other at different things we do in life, it can sometimes seem like we have to be better than the next woman or …

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Why Pushing Yourself to Establish Healthy Relationships is Necessary for Personal Growth

Unfortunately, many of us were raised without our fathers. Some of us were abandoned or abused by family members, or we were unnurtured growing up. From this, we experienced a lack of love, acceptance, discipline, and boundaries. The human heart is an amazing phenomenon where bursts of joy can physically be …

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Rules of Engagement for Friendship

As I get older many of my relationships have blossomed, others have withered, and there are some that have managed to weather the storms of life. In this time, I have asked myself what role do my friendships play in my life? I have learned you need to have three …

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3 Relationships Every Woman Should Have

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back” In our current culture, women often carry an anti-female mentality when it comes to befriending other women. The common idea is that women are catty and too drama-filled; therefore, we are generally unpleasant to be around. …

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Evaluating Women for Godly Friendships

In order for women to begin forming healthy relationships with one another, we will need to approach starting a friendship the same way we should approach evaluating a prospective husband. We need to: – Have a set of values by which a potential female friend will be measured by eg: …

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