Sunday , December 16 2018
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How Social Media Algorithms Are Making Christians Look Foolish

I’ve wanted to write this for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had the time, so it’s coincidentally convenient that Facebook was just outed by former employees for letting their sociopolitical views influence what their users get to see on their news feeds. Whether you agree or not with …

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Former Facebook “Curators” Allege News Topics were Blocked from Trending

The social media rumor mill seems to continually cycle the idea that Facebook intentionally blocks certain content at the behest of politically correct internal leadership.  Of course it has also been known to suggest that Mark Zuckerburg is a 33rd degree Mason, member of the Illuminati, or perhaps the Antichrist …

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A Question For Black People? Whats on Your Timeline?

Christian rapper Lavoisier asks, “Who’s responsible for the overall perception of black people outside of our own community?” Is it us? Is it black media? Is it white media? Who do we blame?

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