Monday , January 21 2019
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Watch Van Jones Discuss Why We Need to Unify Regardless of Political Parties

Van Jones is Dope! And that’s not even because he gave me a shout-out a couple of years ago on for my work in the startup community and teaching kids how to code (non-humble brag). This was a great interview. I particularly love Van Jones’ solution-based approach to discussing …

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Why It Is Important that You (And Not Someone Else) Teach Your Children About Racism

My daughter was in second grade when her class had begun a discussion on civil rights and slavery in North America. It was then that she had learned for the first time that there were people in this world who may think her less deserving, less valuable, and even less …

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Madden 17 to Incorporate Kaepernick Protest

Colin Kaepernick’s recent protest, not standing during the national anthem, has gained the attention of many people. Now EA Sports standout football game, Madden 17 is going to incorporate Kaepernick’s protest in it’s updates of the popular video game. If you have not heard, San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was …

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