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Eshon Burgundy Dismisses Political Chatter with Biblical Truth

As most of you know, the time for farewell has come for President Barack Obama. Frankly, I haven’t been a fan since watching him mock the Sermon on the Mount, but I was rooting for him as president, as I believe any logical American would do. Like most people trying to avoid …

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Bizzle Releases Strong Statement on Why He Didn’t Vote

God Over Money founder Bizzle took to social media this morning to vent his thoughts on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and how Christians are handling the situation. As you’ll read, he didn’t vote but had he been forced to, he would have chosen Trump. Let me know in the comments …

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Maybe You Should Get Off the Election Bus

So, the election is finally finished! You casted your vote on Nov 8th. Probably awoke a few hours earlier than usual to go and stand in front of some school or community center to get there as early as possible to make it into the booth before heading to work. …

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Why There Is No Place for Fear in This Election

Tomorrow is election day here in the United States. Over the past few months I have heard many Christians say they won’t go out to vote because of the choices that are being presented. I have also heard from Trump and Clinton supporters who are a part of the faith. I’ve …

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Which Presidential Candidate Do You Side With? You May Be Surprised (Quiz)

Will you be voting in this year’s election? If so, do you know who you’re voting for? We thought we’d have a little fun and put up a political quiz for you to take to see which candidates best match your political beliefs. The results may actually surprise you! The …

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