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Check Out the List of the 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM and Antifa Riots

Investigative journalist, Ashley Rae Goldenberg compiled a list of companies she believes are supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. It is important to know the companies that are supporting the criminals who are not protesting, but who are intent on violently destroying our country. One has to question how “oppressed” this …

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George Floyd Body Cam Footage: Did the Media Give An Accurate Account Of the Circumstances Surrounding His Death?

The police body cam footage of officers’ encounter with George Floyd was released and I have some questions—the most important of which is in regard to the media’s reporting of Mr. Floyd’s death and the circumstances surrounding it. We were led to believe that racism was the catalyst for his …

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How Your Choice in Men Shows That Black Lives Don’t Matter

As I’ve heard the black community shout “Black lives matter!” I’ve questioned the sincerity of it. For the sake of the crying mothers, angry fathers and sobbing children, I grieve the losses within the black community. Talent and potential has been lost from a community already so broken. The black community …

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3 Major Insights I Learned Over the Years While Engaging in Black Outrage of Police Brutality

Another unarmed black person killed by the police? Ok, let’s see how this plays out. Media reports killing. Policeman who does the killing is sent home on administrative leave. Even after video evidence or witness testimony saying or showing contrary, the officer is ruled to have done nothing wrong. Black people are outraged, but …

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Common Drops a Freestyle Addressing Racism on Sway’s Universe

Common appeared on Shade45 yesterday, giving us a glimpse of his upcoming music.  The hip-hop veteran addressed “black lives matter” in two verses within the context of a discussion around the American Black Film Festival.  Watch below and let me know in the comments what your favorite line is. “Thinking of Sandra …

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