Wednesday , August 12 2020
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Do the Clintons Deserve the Black Vote? Here Are the Facts

Editor’s note: When this article was initially written, we just wanted to post what two individuals had to say about the same subject, but we also recognize it’s our duty to ensure people are accurately informed as we are committed to the truth. We did some fact checking as one …

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Hazakim’s Insightful Perspective as to Whether Trump is a Racist

Every day, political opinions and memes flood our social media timelines, which can get tiresome. Despite the political overload, I want to tell you that I believe following Hazakim is worthy of your time.  For those who don’t know, Hazakim is a CHH rap duo of messianic Jews signed to …

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Sen. Hillary Clinton Against Gay Marriage?

Peep Hillary Clinton’s strong stance on the sanctity of the institution of marriage a while back. Listen to her adamant opposition to gay marriage. She’s since changed her stance and has become a champion of LGBT rights. I’ve never been one to trust politicians, so there’s no big surprise here, …

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Is Donald Trump a Clinton Plant?

For some time now, I’ve had the nagging suspicion that Donald Trump is a plant. Who’s plant? Maybe the Clinton’s…maybe someone else’s. But there came a point in the fiasco that is the Donald Trump campaign where I just began to feel like “This guy’s really not trying to win …

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