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SpaceX Launches Tesla Roadster Into Space

While Elon Musk is no stranger to ambitious endeavors, his most recent undertakings are literally out of this world. Musk’s private spacecraft company, SpaceX, has already had three successful rocket launches this year alone. Current 2018 launches include two launches to place three satellites (two of which are part of SpaceX’s plan to have a 12,000 low orbit satellite network to literally blanket the planet in reliable broadband internet). The other launch being a test launch of SpaceX’s “Falcon Heavy” craft intended to demonstrate their ability to carry heavy loads into space at a third of the cost (including Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster as part of that payload just for the fun of it).

One of the main objectives of SpaceX is to make space travel as commonplace as air travel. In order to do this, a number of barriers have to be overcome. Spacecraft must become simplistically reusable and, among many other huge barriers, the cost of space travel has to be driven down significantly. For Musk, these milestones are just steps along the way toward an even more ambitious goal, to make human life “Multi-Planetary

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SpaceX’s most recent launches to date have only closed the gap between science fiction and reality. The longer the list of successful launches, the longer the list of people, companies, and governments willing to pay for access to this technology. It is interesting to note that more than 9 years ago, SpaceX was on the brink of bankruptcy but now stands as one of the most valuable privately held companies. The idea of space travel being as accessible as air travel should be particularly interesting to those who maintain that the earth is flat. Apparently, it will take a lot more than launching a car into space to convince them the earth is round.

As far as SpaceX and Musk are concerned, it is just a matter of time before anyone, “Flat-eather” or otherwise, can simply buy a first-class ticket to one of the hundreds of spacecraft departing daily to the star-filled unknown and see for themselves.


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