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Snoop Dogg’s New Gospel Song Features B.Slade On “Words Are Few”

Snoop Dogg provides another track as the year 2017 begins to wind down entitled “Words are Few.” Included on the track is former Christian artist B.Slade. The song is 7-minutes plus and provides a laid-back vibe with Snoop singing his flow. Don’t worry, Snoop holds his own and makes this truly a soulful sound.

The chorus consists of a repentant confession. The verses that Snoop sings makes one consider if he is mulling over his life choices. Before we jump to conclusions, it is no secret Snoop enjoys some good gospel music, so it is not a surprise he decided to make a song that goes with his flow. In previous interviews, Snoop admitted there is an influence of the Rastafarian, Christian, and Muslim beliefs in his songs.

B.Slade makes his appearance toward the middle of the song harmonizing the hook. B.Slade makes for an intriguing collaboration. Since coming out as gay in 2011, he has produced 17 albums, but still inserts his Christian roots into his music that he considers boundless musically, spiritually, and vocally. On the third verse, he confesses that he chose to backslide but now he knows the way. B.Slade has another line where he says he stepped outside but now he feels the light calling him back.

What do you think about the collab? Where does it rank with Snoop’s other 2017 songs “Dis Finna Be A Breeze” & “What Is This”?

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