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Sho Baraka’s ‘&’ Campaign Challenges Our Civic Duties With the Gospel

Did you grow up with people telling you which political party you should be a member of and think to yourself, “How about I just evaluate the candidates for myself?”  Have you ever thought if Jesus was an American, he wouldn’t be a Republican or Democrat?republican-vs-democrat Make no mistake, He was involved in His community and used truth to challenge the political parties of the day, but the example He set was different from what we experience today.

Look to the disciples—Jesus chose followers who were committed to truth, not some self-serving political agenda, and they were certainly a mixed bag of characters.  Simon the Zealot and Matthew the Roman tax collector should have been staunch enemies, but both recognized that what Christ was teaching made their differences seem childish.  The truth of the Gospel transcended politics while Christ was living it out, and it still should today.

It seems as if our two-party system has produced a dividing line that has taken hold of our country as a whole, and is currently pushing both sides further toward the extreme version of their agendas. Deep down, we all know we’re watching a train wreck in slow motion.  CHH artist Sho Baraka is not content to idly sit by and watch it happen, so he started the “&” campaign.  He explains his  motivation on the website,

“As Christians, we are called to civic and community engagement.  We have a duty to impact culture in a manner that reflects the truth and love of Jesus Christ.  This commission includes participation in the political arena, wherein actions or inaction can have a profound effect on all aspects of society.”

He goes on to outline the problem that needs to be addressed,

“A lack of organization and a poorly maintained platform has left us in a situation where we are exploited for votes, but command little policy influence.  Urban Christians must find innovative ways to be critical, yet constructive participants in the marketplace of ideas.”  He continues, “We do not have the luxury of either focusing on social justice or values-based issues; both affect the foundation of our communities and are inseparably tied together.   A new generation of urban Christians must address today’s dilemmas with courage, kindness and an unshakeable faith.”

This is something I encourage you to hop onboard with.  The idea is to build a coalition and a voice that will grow until it is heard.  How exactly that will take shape is in God’s hands, but I believe wholeheartedly that He will bless it.

Find more info, plus sign up to be a part of the campaign here.  This is a brief video that serves as an introduction:

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