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Rio 24k Just Blessed Us with Another Incredible Album, “In the Meantime”

Since being introduced to Rio 24k’s music earlier this year by our brother Nathan of CHHToday, I have been trying to figure out why there isn’t more buzz around his music (and why didn’t I hear about him sooner?), but Rio 24k reminded me that it is all in God’s timing, not ours. And of course, he’s right.

Rio 24k’s debut album Flashing Lights was introduced to us July, 2015 which I immediately loved as soon as I heard it. February 19, 2016 he dropped another gem, The Beauty of Freedom.

August 26, 2017 Rio 24k dropped his latest project, In the Meantime, a poignant compilation of songs that evoke reflection of life’s struggles and our need for God—a Savior—and in that realization, what stands out most is that there is hope.

This is my favorite work of Rio 24k’s to date and I had a difficult time choosing my favorite song between four or five. Literally every song on the album is good. How many albums can you enjoy straight through without skipping? That is rare for me.

I got to catch up with Rio 24k and ask him a few questions I had about the album:

What was your biggest inspiration for your album, In the Meantime?

My biggest inspiration came from my son Amare going through the cancer. I really wanted to share this trial in my life to possibly help others through the trials they may be going through while listening to the project.

In several of your songs, you talk about your son Amare and his struggle with cancer and having to do Chemotherapy…how is he doing now after finishing his chemo treatments?

Amare is completely cancer-free and right now we’re just doing checkups with the doctor. We’re back to regular schedules and it’s like it never happened!

Praise God! What is the main message you would like for people to take away from this album?

The main message I want people to take from this project is that our hearts are going to be in different places at different times so it’s important that we show each other grace. We all stray from time to time from the Lord and His teachings but rarely do we disassociate ourselves from Him completely with a resolution of never returning. ‘In the Meantime’ enjoy this project while I connect more with God and work on my next album!

Get a preview of the album with “The Game” below:


Rio 24k’s In the Meantime album is available at download and streaming outlets:





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